A Cold, Some Tooth Pain, and Catching Up…


Hey everyone! I’m still alive. I haven’t had a personal post in a few days so I decided since my little one is asleep and I can organize my thoughts a bit better that I’d update everyone on how my life is going.

Last week I had a cold that took me about a week to get over and on top of that cold I was having some pretty painful tooth/gum pain. When it rains, it pours right?  I made a dentist appointment last weekend and visited the dentist the first time in several and yes I do mean several years. What prevented me from going before was mostly insurance and money as I am sure that goes with most people.  I found my pain wasn’t anything terribly horrible, just four cavities. I say that likes it’s no big thing… we’ll all I know is brush twice and day… flossing I should practice more of and will.  So, I had that evaluation which was only slightly bothersome… they had a little bit of trouble fitting those x-rays things in my mouth. I’m pretty petite so I have a little mouth and it won’t open quite as big as I am sure they’d like so, I did eventually get to have my whole head scanned in one of those machines. I felt like I was in some sci-fi movie.

Okay so four cavities, two cleanings, and they are going to remove my top two wisdom teeth ( I never had any on the bottom). I knocked out one cleaning this week and boy are gums sore… they did some sort of deep root cleaning (Deep Scaling & Root Planing) that wasn’t super comfortable but it wasn’t to bad either… I didn’t need the pain medication because I have a high tolerance to pain, I guess. I was prescribed to gargle with Chlorhexidine twice a day for two week. I was told my gums would be sore and bleed alot while healing but mine haven’t bled at all. Weirdness… Do I heal really fast? I must be special.

Other than the two dental visits this week, I’ve still been busy blogging, getting all the nice reviews and giveaways ready for everyone to enjoy.  We had Life Group on Tuesday which was one of the days I went to visit the dentist right beforehand and boy I was tired. I didn’t have much to contribute to discussion but I enjoyed listening to what everyone else had to say.  This week seemed to go by pretty fast, maybe because I’ve been tired and we went out several times due to appointments and grocery shopping.

I need to catch up reading, the cold and tooth pain (in which I popped a Advil every few hours) I had threw off my schedule but I am glad the good book people I work with can move my scheduled review dates and permit me to write a reviews at a later time. Gotta love them.

It’s past 10pm and I could use some sleep. My little Melody didn’t take a nap all day so I am a bit worn out. She goes some days with naps, some without… I never know what I am going to get. She wasn’t cranky…just wired till she dropped around 9pm.