TSP Spices Smart Spice Review

smartspiceEver since I learned about TSP Spices, I’ve been fan.  What can I say, I fell in love with their stylish way of presenting organically delicious spices packaged in a designer tin.

I wanted to let you know that they have a new product coming out called Smart Spice.  What makes this spice different than the spice offered in the designer tin is that these same great spices are offered in 4 teaspoon packets in a cardboard carton for a more affordable price.

I like Smart Spice for a number of  the following reasons:

1. The first reason is the ease of storage! I can easily find a spot for these without having to rearrange my already stuffed to capacity apartment kitchen. I also can place these in my TSP Spices empty designers tins!

2. I have exactly one teaspoon of spice at the ready, which is perfect for when recipes call for it. It saves me the trouble of hunting down my ever disappearing measuring spoons.

3. I am a fan of the packaging. You have no idea how often my regular spices get moist and nearly unusable. Trying to break my spices up before cooking is never a fun task unless of course you decide that it’s a great time to take out some anger and stress.

4. It’s 100% organic! Need I say more?

5. It’s affordable!

Smart Spice is already available online at  Amazon , Mother Nature, and Whole Foods Nation Wide. You should be seeing more of this great product in stores and online next year.