The Shabby Apple Review

Shabby Apple Color Logo
100_1016Shabby Apple is a  clothing boutique offering a variety of stylishly modest eloquent feminine dresses and accessories for women, preteens, and younger girls.

I happened upon Shabby Apple while searching for dresses and am I glad that I did. What sets Shabby Apple from the rest in my eyes other than their exceptionally chic styles is the fit to flatter section on their site!

The Fit to Flatter section is there to help their customers find the right dress for their figure! I found this extremely easy to use and very helpful. What you do is answer 3 different questions about your body or you can browse the following categories to find your body shape: Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Pencil, Athletic, Womanly, Tall, and Short.

If you know anything about me, it’s that I am pretty petite and am only about 5’2 inches tall. I found by using the fit to flatter section that a few of their dresses like the Polo, Cat’s Cradle, and the 90 Words Per Minute dress among a few others would flatter my figure.

100_1030I am reviewing the 90 Words Per Minute dress today. This dress fits and feels great. In taking the advice of Shabby Apple, I can see that the wearing of one solid color creates the illusion of length,  the tie of neck draws attention to the face and the neck drawing the eye upward, and that the ruching at the waste gives the appearance of height. I love wearing a dress that fits to flatter instead of leaving my figure looking rather over powered by my outfits.

My daughter  received  an Apple Seed dress which is a matching dress to the 90 Words Per Minute. The 45 Words Per Minute dress is available in a variety of sizes and colors for dolls, to babies, toddlers, all the way up to sizes 10-12. I think my daughter and I matching is too cute. I better take advantage before dressing like mom isn’t cool anymore right?

I am very fond of both these dresses and thrilled that even my husband thought  they were very elegant and sophisticated! Shabby Apple will definitely be one of my first stops in shopping for dresses!

Buy it: I encourage everyone to check out Shabby Apple,they even offer dresses for maternity! I wish I had know about them before because I hated wearing pants with a passion, when I was pregnant.

Prices may be a little on the high side for some but keep in mind that you are buying high quality apparel.

Promo Code: Use coupon code connect2christ10off and receive 10% off your purchase from Shabby Apple. Expires October 1st, 2009.