Sunny Saturday

Now that I’ve got a few minutes, I wanted to include a couple of photos from today. In the above photo from right left to left you’ll see my husband and comic creator/artist Kris Straub. My husband got the opportunity to have a few things signed at a local block party in Portland. My husband is a big fan of Kris’s work of the comic Starslip Crisis a sci-fi comic and Chainsawsuit, a strip of oddball jokes and pop culture reference/parody/poking-fun-at. If you’ like to learn more about Kris and my husband’s thoughts on today, you can read check out his blog over at The Space

In the photo below, you’ll see my daughter Melody playing in her very own tent! It’s not just any tent, mommy and daddy found this cute little igloo  colored tent at Ikea for just $10.00! It’s called the KOJA, and she just loves it! I knew she would! She loves having her own little secret place to hide out and play in 🙂