Sleepy Wrap Review

My daughter and I demonstrating the "Classic Love Your Baby Hold".

logoI’m a baby wearing mommy and I love it! I’ve been wearing my baby from when she was was first born to this very day! I greatly encourage every mommy or daddy to wear their baby! Some great benefits I’ve found from doing this is that it’s great for your little one. It reminds your baby of being in the womb from the moving and being next to mommy or daddy! Being born can naturally be stressful for your little one so keeping your baby snug and close is great for him or her.

Baby wearing is known to decrease crying and fussiness, as well as increase learning. I can attest to this as my little girl is one of the happiest little babies that you’ll ever meet! She is super observant and very smart! She watches everything around her. Her needs are met very quickly as well and though she likes being with mommy, she is also very independent. She’s quite a secure, settled, considerate, sociable, cooperative, adaptable, and affectionate little girl

I’ve worn many carriers with my daughter since she was born  and recently was able  to try out the Sleepy Wrap. The Sleepy Wrap is designed to provide a comfortable, natural, womb-like way to carry your little one. I had no idea what color wrap I would be reviewing, they have a nice selection of colors, thirteen available in fact.  I was sent one in red. It’s a major plus for me since red is my favorite color!

100_0766This wrap may be intimidating to some at first as when you unfold it, you find that it is a long piece of stretchy fabric. I was up for a challenge or so I thought, this wrap may be one of the simplest and most comfortable for both me and my baby that I’ve ever used.

Once I had my wrap out of it’s packaging, I noticed that it comes with it’s very own matching storage bag, which is an added bonus for those of us wanting to keep our wraps clean and easy to find when on the go. There was also a very easy to understand  full color step by step instructional booklet included teaching  how to use the wrap in different variations for newborns to toddlers.

The fabric this wrap is made of is very strong, soft to the touch, and stretchy. The edges of the wrap display high quality hemming, in doing so, there is no fraying or curling when the carrier is washed.The weight limitations on this wrap have been used up to 45lbs, so I can carry my daughter in my Sleepy Wrap for as long as we both want! My daughter Melody is currently fifteen months old and weighing in at 18lbs. We are demonstrating in my photos the “Classic Love Your Baby Hold” which is best suited for infants to toddlers. I would have loved to have had this wrap when my daughter was first born as the upright newborn hold and the hammock hold look ever so comfortable for both mom and baby. I used another carrier when she weighed enough but that took over a month or so to get her into.  It made getting things around the house hard when she was first born because she constantly wanted to be held and I wanted to hold her!

I love how comfortable this carrier is for the both of us. A friend of mine gave me a sling when my daughter was first born. I tried it out but really struggled. First, I didn’t know what I was doing, first time mom and all and I was somewhat intimidate by it. I finally got the hang of it but always had problems keeping it the fabric from bunching up and the ring always dug into me making it very uncomfortable.  The Sleepy Wrap is different from a sling where you only have to learn one way to tie it and there are no shoulder straps or metal buckles, only wide, soft, sturdy fabric wrapped around your body. I found the comparison of the Sleepy Wrap to other carries very useful, you can find this information on their site here if you are interested.

My daughter loves being in the Sleepy wrap. When she wants mommy daughter time she goes and find the place where I keep the wrap and hands it to me. It’ so cute that she still likes to be cuddled and close to us. This is great for me because if she is needing this special time and if I am busy with other things, I don’t have to ignore her, I am hands free when using sleepy wrap so I can get definitely be multi-tasking and caring for the needs of my child.

There are so many wonderful benefits of using a Sleepy Wrap, you can find more reasons here. I highly recommend one of  these to every mother out there! You can’t beat the price of 39.95 for such a high quality baby wrap as this, that you can use for years and years to come! Check out the Sleepy Wrap today!

If you so choose to purchase one please do use the promo code: CONNECTED2CHRIST (no spaces) for 10% off your order! Code is valid from 9/12/09-10/12/09.