September 1st

100_1574I had Baja Fresh for supper tonight. It was the first time I have ever eaten there and would definitely do it again. My husband and I snagged two delicious burritos for free with the purchase of a drink. Compliments of becoming a fan of Baja Fresh on face book. Can’t beat the meal  and we scored some nifty reusable drink cups with straws.

Apartment life has been nothing but loud for the past few days. Our complex has been having repairs done so anytime between 8am through 5pm, nothing but hammering or other loud noise can be heard. I now can say I might know what it feels and sounds like for those little bugs living in a dead tree that is being pounded on by a red headed wood pecker!

I started my 30 Day Challenge on EA Active today on my Wii. I had put it off till the weather had cooled down and now it has! Can you imagine trying to work out in one hundred degree apartment? The Wii Mommies started their 30 Day Back to School Challenge Yesterday! If you haven’t jumped on the band wagon, I encourage you to do so.  Exercising with the wii really works, my husband has been using it and has lost about 10lbs in two weeks time!

My daughter Melody and I are starting with curriculum geared toward toddlers next Tuesday! I’m so excited to be using Teach My Toddler with my daughter! I’m also beginning to introduce my daughter to potty training using the  Baby Signs program designed to have your child potty trained before they are two.  I will definitely let everyone know how it goes.

How has back to school been going for everyone else?