Protection Plus Review

As a mother of a very curious toddler,  I’m very concerned about the open sliding  doors and windows PotectionPlusin my home. When living in a third floor story apartment, you can’t take chances.

During the Summer time, my husband and I decided it was safer to keep our windows shut in fear of our daughter climbing out of them and becoming severally hurt or worse.  You can guess that our apartment was very uncomfortable in keeping our windows shut as no ac unit would fit in our windows and we had no airflow whatsoever for awhile.

I looked at window safety devices but all of them that I found had to be installed by drilling, etc… all which if you do in an apartment, you lose your deposit.

When I was asked to review Protection Plus, a window and door locking device, I was more than eager to try it out!  What makes this product different than those other safety locks is that it takes literally seconds to install. Yes, you heard me right, seconds!

To use, simply stick the product onto the inside or outside of the door, and pull the tab on the side of the suction cup to remove it.It is recommended that the surface that you are going to install this one is clean to prevent it from not sticking.

I’ve installed this on the sliding glass closet door in my bedroom, as my daughter likes to get into the closet and pull all my shoes out! This may be fun for her but not for mom who has to clean them all up and then sometimes wander around searching for a match. Once I applied Protection Plus to my closet door, my daughter tried to open the door and wasn’t able too. She gave up and went off to play with something else!

Not sold yet? Here are some other great facts and features;

  • Made of heavy-duty PVC materials, with a suction cup backing
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Holds a weight of up to 50 pounds
  • Serves as a decorative hook for towels, wash cloths, etc.
  • Resistant to temperature changes and inclement weather

I can now open my windows and living room sliding glass door in ease, knowing that protection plus is there to keep my daughter and other children from getting into a very dangerous situation.

I recommend these to those with small children, or that may have kids visiting.  Though, keep in mind that the possibilities of uses are endless!

Buy it: Protection Plus product comes in three different colors; mint green, light blue or clear. Suggested retail price $19.95 + S&H for a package of 2.

The Protection Plus is also  available on, a website of innovative new products by InventHelp’s licensing and product marketing partner Intromark Incorporated.