Pences Gifts Review

16ec4267-d924-4f64-be87-1b3c664099b0Pences Gifts offers a nice selection of unique gifts and stationery, contemporary cards, and invitations with one goal in mind: Make gift giving fun and extraordinary.

I’d like to spotlight Pences great stationary selection!

I’m in love with the Miss Kitty Stationary Sets. Tell me Sushi Kitty is not the cutest! It’s simple, it’s chic, it makes a statement!

Another one of my favorite sets  is the Word to your mother stationary box set, which is perfect for the going green movement!  Each card feature the phrase “word to your mother” printed beneath an image of mother earth, and are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper and envelopes. On the back is the phrase, “recycle this”.  I would totally use this card as bookmark or in my scrapbook in some way after receiving it! Talk about Eco-loving and saving stationary.

Buy it: Each of the notecards sets come in a set of 8 cards and envelopes and are packaged up with a simple twine tie! Retail price is $12.50 per set of 8 cards. Check it out for yourself at Pences Gifts.

Use Code: PEN30 for 30% off any order!

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.