Nico and Zoe Toys – Jumbo Jacks in Classic Tin Review

20081114005015-047024Something about the toys found at  Nico & Zoe bring back warm and fuzzy feelings in thoughts of my own childhood.

This company was founded by two moms whose main goal was to create toys for their children that were fun, good quality, locally made, and a value for your pocket book.

What’s so special about Nico & Zoe is that’ll you’ll find all sort of play things that you wouldn’t normally see in most stores. From organics, dolls, wooden toys, soft toys, and browse through the type you would like as well – pretend, outside, age and more.

My Thoughts:

I was sent the Jumbo Jacks in Classic Tin to review. This set is nothing like I grew up playing with, I like this set a lot better. I grew up playing with one of  those plastic sets you can find in most retail stores.

Just looking at the 5″ x 3.5″ tin box this set is encased in brings me to think of the toys you would find in most antique stores, nostalgia emits from this toy like no other I have owned.

This set was 100% made in American by a company called Channel Craft.  Charlerol, Pennsylvania is where Channel Craft is located, to pin point it on the map, which is only about 100 miles from where I used to live as a child.

In this tin, you’ll find  5 Brass and 5 Nickel Jacks, 2 Real Rubber Balls & 20 page Handbook. I found the booklet included very helpful and easy to understand. This game is fun for kids, parents, and even grandparents.   I give this set 5 stars!

You can learn more about this toy and about the company whom created it by following this link:

Buy it: You can find this set at Nico & Zoe for just $10.00 dollars! This would be a great anytime gift and an even better stocking stuffer!

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