Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Review

100_2173I for one am a big into keep things organized as well as having things not get misplaced or used by others. That’s why I am fan of Mabel’s Labels! This company was created by mother’s who  were constantly frustrated by the things that left house and never were seen again. I am pretty sure we can all relate to this happening!

I didn’t’ always have labels and what happened when I dropped my daughter off at church? The normal happened, things like cups, snack bowls, and even jackets got mixed up. Well,  someone else took the liberty of labeling my daughter things with an ugly black permanent marker. I wasn’t too happy about that and knew I had to find a better alternative and found that in labels like these!

My Thoughts:

100_2175Mabel’s Labels kindly sent me the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo to review which includes $39.00 for a pack of 50 Tag-Mates, 40 Skinny-Minis, 16 Shoe Labels, and 2 NEW Teeny Tags. These Labels are Dishwasher/microwave-safe and UV resistant. And all clothing labels are Laundry Safe!

Navigating and ordering from Mabel’s Labels is extremely simple to do! I first easily decided what I wanted by choosing one of the four available color schemes. I choose Cotton Candy. I then entered my daughters name which fit’s perfectly within the 20 character limit. And last but not least, I felt it was more the suitable to then choose the music note icon from the wide variety available!

I couldn’t wait to apply labels to my daughters things and went to work as soon as I received them. I first applied the shoe labels to a pair of my daughter’s shoe very easily. Applied a a clothing tag to one of her jackets, and the Skinny Minis to her cups and snack bowls! I really love the Teeny Tags I was sent! I now will no longer continue to have someone week after week attach another label to my designer diaper bag (which also double as my purse). Trust me when I say that  plastic tear proof tags are pretty tacky compared to the trendy tags available at Mabel’s Labels!
Mabel’s Labels isn’t limited to just labels, they also offer stationary and kid safety products! This mom is definitely fan! I’m already considering purchasing some of the household labels available in the near future!

Buy It: If you are interested in purchasing your very own Ultimate Back-to-School Combo,I would encourage you to act fast as this limited-time combo pack is available until September 25, 2009.