Forever Richard by Sue Dent

205475330About This Book:

The saga of redemption and spiritual triumph readers enjoyed in Never Ceese continues in Forever Richard. Cassie Felts, graduate student and reluctant believer of such things as vampires and werewolves, couldn’t be happier for Richard and Ceese Porter. Their curses lifted and after hundreds of years apart, they can now celebrate being brother and sister once more. Even Rodney, Cassie’s college roommate and former nemesis, shares her relief. But will the faith that saved Richard and Ceese be enough to defeat the new evil that threatens them all? Cassie learns that Dr. Clayton Henderson, the corrupt stem-cell researcher, has acquired the vampire’s curse and has managed to transfer it to Rodney’s troubled, drug-addicted buddy Josh. Addict or vampire, Cassie can see Josh isn’t handling his new cravings for blood any better than he did his old habit. Their best hope seems to be taking Josh to Richard’s isolated country estate in England. There, Josh can learn to temper his desire to curse another while they try to figure out how to deal with the impossible-to-kill Dr. Henderson. Their mission becomes more complicated when they find a new vampire inhabiting Richard’s castle, a malevolent werewolf stalking Ceese, and a long-lost relative who shows up carrying a sawed-off shotgun and an ancient knife he claims has supernatural powers. Will the faith that redeemed two lost souls before be enough to overcome the wicked forces that now threaten to destroy them all?

My Thoughts:

I felt a little lost in reading this book. The prologue had me quite confused as it jumped all over the place so I had a really hard time getting into the story. I felt like I was thrown midway in, questioning everything, and struggling to understand each character. I’m sure if I read the first book in this series that I would’ve enjoyed this book more.

I did enjoy the aspects of the characters that were vampires and werewolves in search of being cured from their curse.  This is a twist I haven’t heard or read of in common vampire/werewolf themed stories. I also like how the book wasn’t dreadfully dark and depressing either.

I would recommend picking this book up if you are looking for something a little different and particularly clean for once in vampire/ werewolf oriented story. Overall, I’ll say it’s best to read each of these books in the order they were written.

Three Stars ***