Cottonwood Whispers by Jennifer Erin Valent

333267: Cottonwood Whispers Cottonwood Whispers
By Jennifer Erin Valent / Tyndale House

In Cottonwood Whispers, the sequel to Fireflies in December, readers will find a story of quick assumptions and false accusations; a story of how easily people can believe something without exploring justification. And a story of true sacrificial love and pure faith in God’s sovereignty.

Of course, the novel will also continue the story of Jessilyn and Luke…!

My Thoughts…

I find it always hard to share my thoughts on books I fall in love with like this one. I will say, I’ve found a new favorite author in Jennifer Erin Valent and will be purchasing her other book Fireflies in December very soon!

I could not put this book down from the moment I opened it’s pages  and dove into the first chapter. Maybe one of the reasons that I like this book because I appreciate the fine southern writing style since I’m from Georgia.

I didn’t realize till browsing Amazon that this book is sequel to Fireflies in December, meaning this book does an excellent job of standing on it’s own.

Not many books have the ability to make me cry, I don’t want to say I am so heartless but a lot of the times I feel in most books, the authors don’t develop their characters enough to bring people to the point of really knowing and feeling for them.

I was quite sad when I finished reading this book because I didn’t want it to end. I truly enjoyed being whisked away to the southern atmosphere which was described ever so accurately. I felt I made friends with characters of this story as they matured in their own personal walks in life.

As a christian myself, I  appreciate the faith  in God mentioned through the characters that are deep in His word to the characters just learning to trust and follow God. 5 Stars!