Cheeky Umbrella Review

About Cheeky Umbrella:

Cheeky Umbrella founder Jen Zurowski never even owned an umbrella before she moved to the notoriously rainy city of Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada. After searching high and low for an umbrella that would stand up to the wind and rain, and yet still reflect her style and personality, the idea for Cheeky Umbrella was born.

Cheeky Umbrella’s products are based on a belief in embracing and enjoying the rain. Each umbrella is designed to brighten a rainy day with: stylish designs that make you look and feel good, sassy statements that bring a smile to your face, and strength to keep you dry and protected.

Cheeky_Umbrella_Web37What I wouldn’t give for some rain right now! I don’t know about the rest of you, but the summer heat has been pretty hectic to deal with lately. One week it is nice and cool and the next we are breaking records! So much for it raining non stop in Oregon.

I’ve lived in north west for nearly three years and can you believe I have never owned an umbrella? Yes, I am the crazy lady you see making a mad dash to  the shopping mall and back to my car. Maybe the reason I didn’t own one was because I couldn’t find one that suited my personality.

You may be happy to know that I now own one of the trendiest umbrella’s around! That’s right I succumbed to an umbrella that makes quite a statement! I know you must  be dying to know where I got my umbrella, yes?

Cheeky Umbrella offers a very nice selection of incredibly cute umbrellas. Nowhere else have I found umbrella’s that are not only stylish and fun on the outside but on the inside too!

One of the fun umbrella’s that you’ll find at Cheeky Umbrella is the Rain Delayed Umbrella it’s black and blue with flowers and the inside reads “I’m not late, I’m rain delayed” . How cute is that?Cheeky_Umbrella_Web25

I was able to review the It’s Raining, It’s Pouring Umbrella! The outside is Black fabric with funky pink design on three panels and the inside is Pink fabric with “It’s raining, it’s pouring, other umbrellas are boring” written in white along the bottom edge of four alternating panels.

I can tell this umbrella is made exceptionally well! One of my favorite features is the button to get the umbrella to open! It’s so easy to open and close! I’ve had a bad experience with another umbrella having trouble opening and closing and got pinched pretty badly. I know with my Cheeky Umbrella I won’t have this problem.

cheeky its raining it pouringThis is a good sized umbrella, but not too big. It’s enough to keep you dry and perhaps another person too. Can’t you imagine the romantic strolls with your significant other that you can take on a rainy day or perhaps the skipping from store to store with your girlfriends ( the Shopping Weather Umbrella is perfect for…Shopping!) !

Bring on the rain, I say!  Until then why not check out Jen, owner of Cheeky Umbrella at blogger, twitter and facebook.

Buy it: Another great thing to know is that these umbrellas come with a lifetime warranty. If you are looking to purchase one, be sure to use the code CONNECTED at checkout for 10% off your order (code is good till the end of September).

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