Bebe au Lait Reversible Double Bib Review


Melody is quite the fan of her Be Be au lait Bib

Bebe au Lait is online shop that offers many thoughtful filled designed and beautifully patterned  products for mothers and their babies.

Out of the generosity of Bebe au Lait, I’m going to be reviewing two of the products that can be found in their store, a Bebe au Lait nursing cover and a Reversible Double Bib.

My Thoughts on The Bebe au Lait reversible double bib:

The Bebe au Lait reversible double bib is much different that most bibs on the market and it’s design in my eyes is genius.

Each of the bibs feature one off Bebe au Lait distinct patterns and matches  other  products that can be found on their site. This makes it a perfect baby shower gift to go with any of the other items offered.

I favor the design of this bib compared to others I’ve used as it securely fastens not with velcro, but with double sided magnets! I am not a huge fan of the velcro bibs because when it gets tossed in the wash with other clothes, it tends to ruin other things with it’s scratchy surface. Velcro can also be irritating to your my babies sensitive soft skin.

Double sided, I wonder why know one thought of this design sooner! One side features Bebe au Lait distinct patterns and the other is plus terry cloth.

I’m not a fan of  wiping down sticky food covered plastic bibs, I find cloth ones much easier to use.  There was a flaw in my method though, each time my daughter ate, the bib would go in the wash, that means three plus bibs a day. This was not cutting down my laundry but with Bebe au Lait’s reversible double bib, I can use this bib at least four times through out the day or more (depending on how messy my daughter gets) with it’s reversible four sides! This is good for mom’s when we just don’t have the time!

Each of these bibs cost $22.00 each, and though the price may be steep for some, know you’ll be getting a world of use out of these bibs. I would keep an eye out because a few months ago, I saw these on sell for $5.00 each! Check out the Bebe au Lait for yourself today!