Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover Review


Bebe au Lait is online shop that offers many thoughtful filled designed and beautifully patternedĀ  products for mothers and their babies.

Out of the generosity of Bebe au Lait, I’m going to be reviewing two of the products that can be found in their store, a Bebe au Lait nursing cover and a Reversible Double Bib.

This Cover does a great job in covering both my daughter and I but for review purposes, I lifted it up because I wanted people to see that a baby was under there!

My Thoughts on a Bebe au Lait nursing cover:

I choose the The Bebe au Lait Soft Spot patterned nursing cover to review.

I’ve used a few nursing covers to date and am most happy with the ones by this company. The other cover I’ve been using since the birth of my daughter is by Hooter Hiders, which is Bebe au Lait’s original name. (So take note that the product is EXACTLY the same but depending on what you may purchase from their site, the label can either say Hooter Hiders or Bebe au Lait).

To wear this cover, you simply take the neck straps located on each side of the cover, thread it through the D rings, and adjust the cover to your perfect fit. I wanted to mention that I found it much easier to adjust when not holding your child, and once you’ve adjusted it to your liking, there’s really no need to have to fiddle with it at all.

This cover features a unique rigid neckline that stays perfectly in place allowing for ventilation, as well as direct eye contact with your baby. My daughter when much younger really enjoyed this feature as did I.

No matter what size you may be, this cover does a great job in covering up to provide as much privacy needed for you and your child.

A terry cloth pocket is attached the corner of the cover for wiping your babies face and store nursing pads if needed. I found this feature very helpful when my burp rags were missing from my daughters diaper bag!

Machine Washable without any special instructions is a plus! I’ve used my Hooter Hiders/Bebe au Lait cover for over a year and it still looks like brand new!

My daughter at 15 months isn’t very fond of nursing covers anymore, mostly because she wants to see everything around her. So she tends to constantly pull and tug at it, this was not the case when she was much younger though. No worries, I now use my nursing covers as sun shades to hang over my stroller when we are out. You have to love the multi-uses.

I recommend the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover to all mom’s and couldn’t help but think how wonderful of a baby shower gift one would be! Stop by their online store to check them out! Each cover retails for $35 – $40.