Snug Fits Review

About Snug Fits ( from their site):

After the birth of my first son, I started searching for some cool baby onesies and tees. I was disappointed to find the selections were limited and the quality not up to my expectations. I’d find the message I was looking for, but the design was awful. Poor font choices, improper kerning and just plain sloppy execution is what I was running into. I also wasn’t seeing the color options I had envisioned. So, what is a mom to do? I decided to go back to my roots and make my own!

Incorporating my eye for detail, mother’s wit, taste for clean design and the “Helvetica Mentality” passed on by my father, I created a line that makes me proud. After testing the market locally – selling at home town festivals and bazaars – I knew I was ready to open my own online boutique. Luckily, with my background, I knew just how to do that! I designed my website from scratch, did my own photography (using my son and niece as models) and wrote my own policies. My tees are a labor of love from conception to creation. With the help of my crew (aka husband, Brett), our business is hands on from our shop to your home. I hope that you and yours enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.

My Thoughts:

I had a hard time deciding what shirt I wanted to review on my daughter. The variety is vast and there are so many catchy, fun designs and sayings on the shirts, lap tees, and snap suits ranging in sizes from 0-3 months to 18-24 months!

As you can see from the photo above, I did finally decide on a shirt for my daughter. I could not resist the “Future Artist” lap tee in black with pink text.  Even if not a graphic designer like mom or a writer like dad, we are pretty sure she going to artistically inclined in some way. Yes, I know soon enough she’ll be drawing with crayons on the apartment walls. Ah, parenthood…it only seems suitable payback because I remember drawing on the walls as a kid too.

Snugfits  products are high quality and fit my daughter nicely. The shirt I was sent has been in the wash several times and there is no sign of wear,tear, or fading. It still looks completely brand new which is not what I could say for other shirts my daughter has worn!

Whether you are just looking for an adorable shirt with a cute saying or a bold statement, I encourage you to check out Snug Fits. These would make wonderful gifts for birthday, Christmas, Baby Showers, and just because! 

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