Tunza Cards Review


As a homeschooler, I recall through out the school year using lots and lots of different kinds of flash cards.  We had flash cards that drilled in math, spelling, shapes, colors, you name it, we had a flash card set for it.

Flash card sets are very limited, what happens if my mom wanted to teach us a new word or present us with a specific problem math problem using flash cards?  She wouldn’t be able to so with the specific sets and that’s why I like Tunza Cards!

Tunza Cards were created by a mom of three in hopes of helping others save money and to care for the environment around us. Tunza cards are 100%  made in the USA and is a  family owned and operated.

Writing won't smudge, smear or disappear, until you take it off! Then start all over again!

Tunza Cards are 3×5 reusable blank index cards that can be used  however your heart desires! If you want to use them for flash cards, knock yourselves out.  They can also be used for grocery list, a reminder of an upcoming appointment ( just hang it on your fridge), and special little notes left for members of your family, just to name a few things.

All you need is a sharpie( colored preferably) to write on the cards. I used Sharpie fine point pens on my cards. To clean each card, simply wipe it down using alcohol! Really, it’s as simple as that!

There’s no lingering smell in using these cards, as with dry erase markers! I recall getting some pretty annoying headaches as a kid when my mom used the dry erase boards and markers.

Tunza Cards can be purchased at the Tunza Store for $5.00 for a pack of 25! You can also find everything else you need to get started like permanent ink pens and alcohol swabs!