Nonna’s Gourmet Foods Review


Today I wanted to let you know about Nonna’s Gourmet Foods, as I was so kindly given the opportunity to try out their delicious sauces and jelly. These sauces stemmed from their award-winning restaurant located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee became available for purchase to the public in effort to  help aid in the fight against childhood illnesses.
Owner and Chef Daniel Maggipinto’s daughter, Zoë Marie Maggipinto, was diagnosed with Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare and aggressive tumor found in the cerebellum and spinal areas of children younger than three years old. The excellent treatment she received from St. Jude Children’s Hospital  inspired them to continue the fight against AT/RT and other childhood illnesses by creating Nonna’s Gourmet Foods.

100_0722 Through each purchase of their products, you’re also helping children like Zoë. A full 15% of each purchase goes directly to organizations committed to fighting childhood illnesses and will aid in the fight against AT/RT and other life-threatening conditions so that future families might have even more of a fighting chance when their loved ones fall ill.

Their sauces truly are delicious as my family and I were able to try each one out. My 14 month old daughter Melody quite enjoyed her supper and kept asking for more and more!  They have recipes on their site too if you are not sure what to put their sauce on.  I can only imagine how great it would taste on my husbands home-made mozzarella sticks!

I felt greatly that I needed to let people out there know about supporting this important cause. My daughter  was born with a condition, though not such a serious one as Zoë. I have hope that it will possibly go away by the time she is three. If not I’ve made up my mind and am ready to live with it if that so be the way things turn. I am thankful for those that are giving back to organizations, and children hospitals that were created to help give families peace of mind as well as hope.

Do try out the wonderful sauce and jelly by Nonna and know that you’ll be giving back to families who need it the most.