(Little Blessings) Who Made World by: Kathleen Long Bostrom, Illustrated by Elena Kucharik

whomadetheworldWho Made the World?
by Kathleen Bostrom
Illustrator Elena Kucharik
Juvenile Nonfiction/Religion/Christianity
Ages 3 – 6 – $9.99

Product Description

Little Blessings question books help young children understand basic truths about the Christian life. Perfect for ages 3-6, Who Made the World? addresses questions such as: How long did it take? and What did you make first? Scriptures that support each answer are provided in the back of the book. Parents can use this book as a fun tool to answer questions their little ones may have about God’s word.

My Thoughts:

Who Made the World?“ is one of the latest books by author Kathleen Bostrom. In this book, you’ll find that it  favors the on going theme in all the Little Blessings books, addressing common questions. Each story book covers question like “Where Do I come From, How Should We Thank God, and What did God make first and last?”, all commonly asked by younger children withing the ages of 3-6  in their search of learning more about God and creation.

The illustrations by Elena Kucharik, draw children in and correspond well with the story being told with animated behavior and cheerful colors.

One of my on going  favorite features is that at the end of the book as well as in any of the Little Blessings books is the of Bible references section. These references go along  with the story which was written in rhyme, an ingenoius way to help children remember what was read.

I look forward to collecting more of the books in this series to share with my children.

I highly recommend this book for those of you wanting to meet children on their level of learning about the Word of God. This book makes for a wonderful resource for parents, Sunday school teachers, and even grandparents.

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