Health Update

My daughter will turn 15 months at 4pm today. 🙂

Yesterday we went to the Dornbecker Children’s Hospital to see my daughters endocrinologist. We see him every 3-4 months to see how my daughter is doing with her condition. Well, the news wasn’t very good this time.

Melody weighs only about 17lbs and she weighed about that much time the last time she visited which was a few months ago. She’s 2ft 7 inches long and that means she is growing just fine, it’s the weight gain that is the problem. Dr.L ( let’s call him that) is concerned that she is receiving too much of her medication, though the results are in the normal level.

Being over medicated can cause lots of problems and sometimes they can be hard to see in young children. Reading the list here just tends to put me on edge even more.

Dr. L has cut back my daughter’s medication to see if she starts gradually gaining more weight. I feel like she is a little hamster right now. We are trying to make sure she is gaining weight properly yet if she is under medicated that can cause even more problems in behavioral changes,etc…

She’ll go back in two months for a blood draw and will see him again in December if not sooner.I’m keeping a watchful eye on my daughter. I would ask that you continue to pray for her health.

I was urged to take my daughter to receive the flu vaccination this year but I’m not entirely comfortable in having my daughter recieve it, she’s so young and there can be undesirable side effects.  My daughter doesn’t go to daycare and she stays home with me, I am not so worried about it.

What about everyone else? Are you planning on getting the flu shot this year, as well as getting it for your young babies?