Growing by Leaps and Bounds

melody14monthAt 14 months my little one is growing like a weed. She is now wearing 18 month old clothes and she wears a size 5 in infant shoes. Just a month a go she wore size 3 shoes and was just wearing 12 month outfits. Keep in mind, she’s still as skinny as a twig. It truly is amazing when kids have growth spurts! One minute they are tiny the next you are wondering if they some how got into the miracle grow.

It’s been getting cooler in Oregon now, despite the 100 degree a week or so ago, so we purchased Melody a few new Carter sleepers from Costco this evening( great deal $6-$7.00!). Now she’ll stay warm at night instead of waking up nearly freezing. Any parent knows it’s almost impossible to keep you child under the covers at night so sleepers are a must during the cooler time of the year! I am so happy that she likes the ones with the little footsies too. I know some kids hate those with a passion, if my memory is correct…I believe one my younger sisters could not stand them.

I don’t know about everyone else but after that draining heat wave here, I’ve been looking forward to the fall and winter seasons. I miss cooking hearty meals and baking delicious cookies…all which seems completely ridiculous during the summer. I’ll miss the fresh fruit and the nice breezy summer days but now I think it’s time for a change.  I was not trying to rhyme, it just happened.

Well, I best get some rest now, we’ll be visiting my husbands side of the family tomorrow and I’d like to be rested up as well as getting my hyperactive daughter to bed. She’s running around giggling trying to wear all her new sleepers on her head…Silly girl! I’m hoping she goes to bed before midnight for the 3rd night in a row!