Friday Evening Sushi

Fixing this evenings Sushi - Rice, Egg, Pickles, and Cucumber
Me slicing a sushi roll

The Beauty of Sushi is you can make it whatever way you so please! Some people add avocado ( this won’t be me anymore), some people add raw fish, others cooked fish like salmon, crab meat or shrimp. I love my sushi all sorts of ways. Today I made sushi like I ate it growing up with Rice, Egg, Pickles, added and at the last minute decided on adding the cucumber.

I had honestly never rolled my own sushi before this evening. I had always watched my dad do it. My dad is half Japanese so food from his culture was a big part of my life growing up.  A day without rice for me is like a day without water. I am so happy my daughter takes well to rice and sushi as well as her mommy!

I even decided to get my husband in on the action of making a few sushi rolls. I think he had fun, he didn’t quite roll his sushi as uniform and tightly as mine but that’s okay, he’s got plenty of years to master this technique. I had a good teacher to watch and apparently have a natural knack for it. Who knew!

I’m going to posting a recipe up soon on my cooking blog on how I cook and prepare my sushi soon. Until then, enjoy the tasty photos!

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