Daddy’s Design Snoogie Seat Review

bg_q5eqsnoogieHave you heard about the The Snoogie Seat? If you haven’t you should know that it is a Dad created, baby inspired lounger for newborns. This wonderful lounger for babies was created out of the search for a product that would help prop their babies up.

I was able to review one of these seats and though my 14 month old daughter is a little big for the Snoogie Seat now, I can imagine when she was little that she’d like this a lot better. When she was younger I used my breastfeeding pillows to prop her up of which she  wasn’t very well supported in.  She on most days would flop over in all direction, get stuck, and become frustrated. If we owned a Snoogie Seat then, this issue would not have a been a problem . Trust me when babies get to a certain age laying on their backs in the last thing they want to do when there’s a big world to explore with their ever so eager eyes.

Each of the Snoogie seats are designed in the the shape of a monkey avaible in brown or pink, with arms that hug your baby as he or she reclines in the seat. The inner cushion is made of cotton/polyester and a fleece removable outer cover, this seat hands down is made to keep your child comfy and cozy ( as you can see from my daughter deciding to take a nap in it, after using it has her personal lounger).

How to keep this clean, simply throw it in the wash and be about your business.  I’m loving it and looking forward to using this great product with my next baby, that is if I keep it away from my daughter as she thinks it’s her own personal bean bag. Who can blame her, it’s comfortable and it matches the jungle theme we’ve had going for her since birth.

My husband said he loves Snoogie too. It’s perfect for lounging out with baby watching tv, playing video games, feeding baby a bottle, or reading baby a story! He said he would definetly be more comfortable using this than my breastfeeding pillows with baby too.

You can purchase your very own Snoogie Seat, for $49.99 (shipping is included in the price), at  I can’t brag enough how great one of these would be for those expecting or already have a little bundle of joy in their lives.

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Thanks to  Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.