Book Review: When the Good News Gets Even Better by Neb Hayden

767004: When the Good News Gets Even Better When the Good News Gets Even Better
By Neb Hayden / David C. Cook

* See the gospel of Christ with new eyes! Using a 3-month format, Hayden combines all four Gspels into one complete chronological narrative, setting Jesus’ life within the context of Jewish culture, customs, and perspectives. This outstanding guide is sure to add a new, deeper dimension to your reading of Scripture—and your understanding of Jesus! 240 pages, softcover from Cook.

My thoughts …

Author Ned Hayden has presented us with wonderful guide through  Jesus’ life from birth to death in the exact order each event took place. I’m a big fan of chronological Bibles so when I found out that this study guide reads through the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John chronologically, I was very much pleased! I believe that studying chronologically is much easier.

This book was written in order to not only help us better understand Jesus from his birth to death but also in hopes to bridge the gap between the Jew and Gentile with this unique study guide. I like how through each chapter, Jewish customs and much historical detail is added to help the reader better understand that specific time and era.

This guide has eleven sections and is broken into a 12-week daily Bible study. Each chapters finishes with questions about the following verses that were included in the chapter. I highly recommend this easy-to-read study guide for personal or group study.