Book Review: 90 Days To A Fantastic Marriage by: Dr. David Hawkins

323240: 90 Days to a Fantastic Marriage: How to Bring Out the Soul Mate in Your Mate

90 Days to a Fantastic Marriage: How to Bring Out the Soul Mate in Your Mate

By Dr. David Hawkins / Tyndale House

No matter what stage of marriage you’re in – newlywed, longtime married, or in crisis – wouldn’t it be nice to be praised and noticed rather than criticized and ignored? Hawkins’s 12-week plan will help you stop negative patterns and start speaking about the good in your spouse. You’ll build a positive marriage solidified with love and appreciation!

My thoughts:

I’ve read quite a few books that are written to help regain that special spark in your marriage but I have never read one quite like 90 Days To A Fantastic Marriage by author Dr. David Hawkins.

This book is a 12 week study plan to work on becoming a “soul mate” for your mate.  Each lesson focuses on major relational topics in our lives together. Each chapter begins with signs pertaining to each weekly topic  and ends with a quiz  and a putting it into practice this week section.

I find the author focusing on each others stregnths and hopes whether than focusing entirely on the problems that we may have of each other. Ignore the problems no, but if that’s all we are seeing, our relationship will go down hill because over time it will eat us up and that will be all we continue to see.  Focusing on the postive things makes it easier to address the negative things, so we are always closely connected.

This book is a great read whether you are newly married or you’ve been married for many years.The tools are all right here to  build a stronger relationship with each other. If you want change for the better, I promise your marriage will be revolutionized!