Body Systems -Wasabi Hangover Review

wasabi bath 350I’m a fan of the products over at Body Systems! You’d now this if you’ve read my review on Body Systems Natural Body Butter & also on their Wasabi Foot Scrub. So when I got the opportunity to review their Wasabi Hangover treatment, I was thrilled.

Wait a minute hangover? Well, yes this product can be used if you’ve had a few too many but also can be used if you have the flu, are suffering from jet lag, or any other stomach related problem.

You use the product in the bath and soak for about 40 minutes. I’ve not personally tested it out for myself. I am waiting for the right opportunity! …but I did want to get the word out about it! I’ve read other reviews and people seem to really like it!

The Wasabi Hangover Bath Treatment contains organic Ginger, organic Mustard, Epsom salts and other good essential oils to make all the  problems your body seems to have happening disappear. I just read about mustard and epsom salt doing wonders for your body!

I really look forward to trying this product out knowing when I am not feeling so great, that there are products by Body Systems that can make me feel all better! (I’ll post again once I use this product!)

Buy it: You can purchase single packets of Wasabi Hangover at for $5.00 or larger sizes for more!

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.