Wonda Wedge Review


As I am growing older, I’m paying attention even more to my posture. I recall when I was growing up my mom always told me to sit up straight and not to slouch. As a kid I didn’t pay too much attention to her advice but really, what kid does when it comes to lounging around? I now (as hard as it may seem sometimes) am trying my best to sit up straight and not to slouch as it’s no good for my posture and does my aging body no good in the least bit.

I discovered a product a few weeks ago called the WondaWedge. This fantastic product is an inflatable wedge then encourages proper posture and amazing back support whether you be at home, the beach, or out camping! The possibilities of indoor and outdoor use of this wedge are really endless!

The  Wonda Wedge basically is inflatable pillow with permanently attached mat. The mat attached to the pillow gives you a clean place to sit on various surfaces such as grass, sand to name a few. The mat also helps to keep the wedge in one place.
I was sent a Wonda Wedge, green in color to review.  I like to read in bed but never seemed to get comfortable! I was always pushing and pulling pillows behind my head and back trying to find a position that suited me, but despite my hard efforts I was never completely satisfied. This was until I tried out the Wonda Wedge!

It was very easy to inflate. It took no time to blow up, maybe 3-5 minutes tops without using a pump. An added bonus is that the wedge has several different variations of positions to use to your liking.  You can even add more or less air to suit your own personal comfort level.

I’ve been nothing but pleased with my Wonda Wedge’s performance. It’s been great to use for me when reading in bed, lounging in the living room, and nursing my daughter! I can’t wait to take it with us to the beach this summer!

Buy it:
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