What’s New?


Not much from me in personal post, I know. I’ve been trying to beat the heat so that means I’ve been spending less time on my computer. Any tips for keeping cool when you live in a third floor apartment with no A/C? Oh, and it’s been in the 90’s here in Oregon. So much for the myth of all rain and no sunshine, that’s for sure. I can certainly do without the heat. Thankfully my husband is going to try to make our to big for the window A/C unit sometime this week.

I’m on my last few chapter of The Sword and The Flute by Mike Hamel. I’m touring this book with FIRST Wild Card Tours. If I don’t have my review up with the tour first thing, I’ll add it later in the day.  I’ve really been enjoying reading this fun tale of time travel,  and if you ask me… I think this series would make a fantastic television series for kids!

My readers may have noticed my new blog layout. I decided it was time for a change. I think this layout is more refreshing yet chic. It has been awhile since I’ve designed something solely for myself and it needed to be done.  Not only did a create the layout but I also made myself a new business card of which I’ll be able to give out soon thank to my sponsor Uprinting.com ( gotta love the reward of 500 free business cards!).

I’ll let you know how my weekend went in a later post. I am going to cut it short for the night as I don’t want to feel the pain of peeling myself off of my computer chair.