Warm Mouse Heated Keyboard Review & Giveaway


My hands usually are always cold, so when I heard about the heated products offered at ValueRays, I was quite interested in what they had to offer!
I’m free lance graphic designer and mom blogger so I do a lot of work on my computer on daily basis. As a designer, I use my mouse a lot. Some people draw by hand and scan, others use a Wacom tablet but I on the other hand use just my mouse to draw, so my mouse and mouse pads see a lot of wear and tear ( I’ve gone through three mouses one year and wore out several mouse pads) .

I like to be comfortable when I am pouring ours into my work and with the Warm Mouse Pad I was able to review, I was nothing but. I found my hands not becoming stiff from working long hours, and felt more comfortable working on my art than I ever had before!ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad

Let me tell you a bit about the ValueRays® WARM Mouse Pad I reviewed. I’ve been using this mouse pad with my laptop which is running windows Vista. The installation was easy as all of their USB products are driver less and use universal plug and play. It’s so nice to plug it and already be ready to go. This is good if you want to use it on multiple computers. I go from my main computer to my laptop on a regular basis so it’s nice to move it around though I may just get another one soon!

The added features other than the heating unit that I like are the 4 extra USB ports! My laptop only had two before so using my Ipod, webcam, and other accessories was completely out of the question unless I went out and bought a hud! I also like the built on wrist pad! I’m picky when I work on the computer, I must have wrist pads for both my keyboard and my mouse pad, its an added bonus that one is already part of this mouse pad!

The heating unit is wonderful! The temperature ranges between 99-104 degrees for warming your wrist and hand. I can unplug at anytime I so choose on the heating unit to save energy! The infrared heat helps improve blood circulation and can help in reducing the onset of computer-related hand injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and other mouse hand and arm diseases.

Value Rays cost effective energy saving products are one of a kind and I highly recommend them to those of you who use the computer regularly! You can find not only mouse pads but mouses, key board pads, and more!

Check them out for yourself at: http://www.warm-mouse-heated-keyboard.com/ you should also know that there is Free Shipping, No Sales Tax, and 90 Day Warranty.

Win it: How would you like to win your very own ValueRays® USB Mouse Hand Warmer?

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