The Trendy Tadpole Review


At 13 nearly 14 months old, my daughter still drools but not quite as much as when she had three teeth coming in at once. I can remember it like it was yesterday, she was constantly drooling on everything including me! Was she cranky? I actually have lucked out with her. She gnawed on everything with little complaining about her pearly whites breaking through. That’s my girl! She was pretty happy kind of like the sweet design on her latest shirt from The Trendy Tadpole. 100_0088

The Trendy Tadpole is a fun company that specializes in cute and trendy designs for kids as well as a few for adults. Do you want a short sleeve shirt or how about a long sleeved shirt since the fall and winter is soon approaching? No problem, they’ve got you covered.

A few my personal favorite tees from there collection of nearly 40 designs are the Japanese Elephants, Poop Deck, and Oopsy ( because we all know that accidents happen!).

I’ve washed my daughters shirt several time and it still looks brand new! There’s no sign of wear and tear in the least bit.

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