Summer Colds

Children get sick, it’s a given. No matter how sheltered I try to keep my baby girl, she catches colds! Melody and I both caught a cold which we’ve traced back to my sister in law whom was visiting last week. We’ve had sore throats, runny noses, and fevers. bleh!

Melody had me slightly worried last night when her fever nearly peaked at 103 degrees. She was due for second dose of infant tylenol so she got that first and then I let her wander about in the buff. She didn’t run around the house at all yesterday so I knew she was feeling pretty bad. I gave her a few baths to cool her off and kept a damp cloth on her head. I tried to get her to drink plenty…she refused cups but I am glad she is still nursing and took that.We aren’t back to normal yet and we certainly aren’t going to push it.

We are hoping to be back to normal by Saturday, as we have a trip to the Oregon Zoo planned.

…and to my sponsors, I’ll be working on reviews next week but for now some R&R is required.