ScooterBees Shoes Review

Each pair is packaged in a reusable jute bag!
Melody putting on her Scooter Bees Shoes

I’ve seen no other shoes for infants and toddlers like the ones offered from ScooterBees. These adorable little shoes are not only uniqe in the way each pair tells a story but they are eco-friendly too!

Scooter Bees soft-soled shoes are uniquely made as they have your children in mind. Each pair is designed to fit the shape, size, width, and thickness of their wearers. How ingenious of an idea because no two little feet are alike!

This slip proof bottoms of these shoes are an added bonus for new walkers or climbers. My daughter is climbing over and up everything!  As much as I don’t want my daughter climbing, I’d rather her wear a slip proof pair of shoes than to take a nasty spill on her climbing adventures.

Like I mentioned before, each pair of shoes tells a story. I received the growing butterfly rose colored Scooter Bees. The pair I received has different images on each flap telling the story of a caterpillar to butterfly. It’s fun that I can explain to my daughter how a caterpillar become a butterfly. Who would have thought shoes could be so educational! I think it’s pretty neat that  I can switch around the images so my daughter can wear different variations of the story everyday.

These shoes are easy to wash, just toss them in wash on a gentle cycle, and machine-dry with low to medium heat setting. Another neat feature of these shoes is that most liquid spills “bead up” on the fabric surface due to Sensuede’s resistance to spills and stains. Pat and remove the stains with a cloth soaked in mild soap or detergent, followed with a damp cloth to remove any excess soap.

Slip Proof bottom

ScooterBees eco-friendly shoes are helping the environment in themselves, but they are also committed in helping to make the world a better place. With every ScooterBees purchase, a tree is planted in the most urgent regions around the world to alleviate soil degradation and land mismanagement.

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