Rosie Hippo Review


In this challenging, fast-paced world, many of us are looking for simpler times, simpler things, and more special moments with the people we love. The time spent seeing the world through a child’s eyes and helping them to learn, grow, explore, and discover the world is just so precious. I hope Rosie Hippo can bring some wonderful treasures to your family for those special moments in your lives.

I’m all for toys that encourage imagination. I’m going to admit that being a first time parent, I gravitated at first  to toys that were electronic…you know, the ones with loud sounds and bright lights that we are told that stimulate our children. Well, they might do that, but they tended to get on the nerves of sleep deprived parents too often and the batteries always seemed to drain very quickly. rosiehippoelephant

I found in watching my daughter grow, she enjoyed playing with more basic toys like wooden blocks, pots and pans, toys that encourage fun,curiosity and wonder. Toys like those you can find over at the Rosie Hippo’s Toy Boutique.

The Rosie Hippo Toy Boutique offers toys for children that are made from organic materials such as sustainable wood and organic cotton. The various toys are constructed in numerous villages and corporations around the world. The toys that you will find at this boutique will  truly be cherished by all and passed along to the generations to come.100_0488

I was given the opportunity to review one of the many adorable stuffed animals available.  Aliya the Elephant, is the name and being an incredibly cute imaginative playmate for my daughter is her game! This adorable elephant is vibrantly colored, hand-woven, hand-dyed 100% pure cotton.  Fabrics are stuffed with natural kapok. The Fabrics are inspired by horizons in landscapes, tropical foliage, birds, fish, fruit, rock, sea and shell in Sri Lanka! How neat is that? I just love this little elephant and my daughter really likes her too! We took the elephant to the zoo with us and had a lot fun. We’ve been learning alot about animals this week and my daughter hasn’t said the word Elephant quite yet but she certainly understands that this is what Aliya is!
From their site: We hope to make a positive impact for our children and our planet, and hope you love our collection of toys and other products as much as we do!

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Thanks to Buzz Mommy, I’m able to let you know about this wonderful children’s boutique.