100_0556Melody not only came down with a cold over the week but she also came down with Roseola. She had temperatures ranging to 100 to 103 which was pretty scary. I let her wander about in the near buff and constantly gave her luke-warm baths followed with damp cloth sponging to keep her comfortable and try to control the fever ( also used infant tylenol).

Some of the signs of symtoms of Roseola are:

Infants and toddlers routinely will develop sudden symptoms with a sudden high fever that lasts for three to five days, irritability, bulging “soft spot” on the head (fontanel), swollen glands in the front or back of the neck, runny nose, puffy eyelids (due to swelling with fluid), and mild diarrhea. Within 12-24 hours of the fever breaking, a rash
rapidly appears. Older children who develop HHV-6 (or HHV-7) infection are more likely to have an illness characterized by several days of high fever and possibly a runny nose and/or diarrhea. Older children less commonly develop a rash as the fever abates.

Melody seems to be getting better but she is still pretty tired and to top it all off she also has another tooth coming in. She hasn’t been the happiest camper lately but can you blame her? I just hope my little girl gets better soon.

Her not feeling well has put me behind on reviewing and other things but family comes first 🙂