Park, Poop, and Praise

july 09We  took a walk to the park by our apartment today. As for letting my daughter run around and play, I choose not to for at least two main reasons.

Number one: The grass is full of clover right now, unfortunately. There were all sorts of bees swarming about and I not only feared my daughter would get stung but me as well. I was stung as a child while playing in the clover in our yard. It hurt! I have a slight reaction to bee stings as well. I tend to swell up a good amount for several days in the area I am stung. I don’t even want to think about what would happen to my baby!

Number two: There was dog poop everywhere! I don’t know if it’s because kids are out of school and being more lazy when it comes to taking care of their pets but there are poop bag dispensers everywhere here! This problem shouldn’t so blindly be over looked. It makes me disgusted having to smell it and imagining stepping in it or even worse having my daughter try to poke at it!

How about some praise for today? I’m pretty happy that my Ergo Carrier came this afternoon! I pretty much tore it out of the box, popped the instructional cd in my DVD player and tried all the positions possible with my daughter ( Back, Front, and Side).

I do know this, I wish I had this carrier months ago! The Ergo is so very comfortable and easy to use! My other carries left my back strained after prolonged hours of use but not the Ergo. I put my daughter in the back position and took care of things around the house. She fell asleep back there and I got lots of much needed things done with the wailing of a my tot wanting to be held. It’s a total win win! What’s great about the Ergo, is that it goes up to 40lbs!

I plan to write more on this carrier once I can really put it to the test!

(Melody was pretty happy about the carrier! As you can see, she’s trying to wear it!)