My Little Seat, The Travel High Chair Review

100_0116My Little Seat may be one of the best inventions that I’ve come across as a parent!  Mom, Stephanie Collins, saw the need and invented a  portable, compact, easy to travel high chair seat for infants and toddlers.

I received a My Little Seat of my own to review in the pattern  “Phunky Punk”. It came in it’s own cute little travel bag!  You have no idea how often I am either over and a friend’s house or visiting family and they don’t have a baby seat for my daughter. I do have my own seat at home that hooks up to a chair but it really is no fun lugging so much gear out of the door ( the diaper bag, the stroller, the baby and so on)! Who really needs to become overall exhusted before hitting whatever destination you may be heading to.

My Little Seat was easy to  set up from the simple to follow instructions and has worked on every chair I have tried out so far, both short and tall.  I not only love how easy and compact My Little Seat is to just toss in my diaper bag but I like how it’s made. My daughter is one to stand up in shopping carts and those baby chairs in restaurants but with this she is not able to do so. This product is very secure!

My daughter isn’t usually a messy eater but did manage to smear some banana on this but no worries. My Little Seat is  fully washable and hangs to dry quite very quickly.   This is not something I can say about my booster seat cover.

My Little Seat is intended for babies who can sit unassisted, and for older toddlers who need a little extra security when sitting alone in a chair. It features four ties and two straps to help secure even the most energetic tots! My Little Seat comes in six fabulous designs including Phunky Punk, All My Lovin, Seaside Stripe, Biggy Buttons, Loopty Loops, and Dream Feed.

I’m over all pleased with this product and give it 5 stars!I  highly recommend owning one of these for yourselves!

Buy It! You can find one of these over at I also saw it for sell at Target today ($20.00! )