“I”- Wear Eyeglass Holder Review


010f6d61-73eb-4996-90c9-67698692a486Have you been searching for a way to keep track of your glasses that’s fashionably eye popping? Look no further than EyeGlassHolders.com. They offer a large selection of handcrafted stylish beaded eyeglass accessories from leather eye glass leashes to simplistic beaded eyeglass necklaces for those of all ages.

About the Company (Information from the EyeGlass Holders site):

EyeGlassHolders.com is delighted to share their collection of chic eyeglass jewelry with you!
We started our business by creating beaded lanyards to hold employee id badges. EyeGlass wearing customers would say ” These are great, but I need something to hold onto my glasses! “We listened, and today, we are delighted to share with you our collection of eyeglass jewelry from artists around the world. Our mission has always been clear: to transform mundane everyday items into product solutions that give people joy.”

My thoughts:

I really like that they offer something for everyone on their site, there’s the Black Leather Leash which may be liked to men, as well as the multi colored section that is more favorable for kids. I have one of my own and can attest that these are very high quality and it would not just fall apart at any second.

These are high quality, stylish, and useful! They would make a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone you know who wear glasses of  any types.

Buy it: At affordable prices, you should know also that they offer Flat RATE and same day shipping  at only $2.95!
Check them out for yourself today at http://www.EyeGlassHolders.com 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.