Hot and Sweaty

...okay, so this may be exaggerating a little bit!

Despite my thinking, I knew it was going to happen. Our third floor apartment has been nothing but desirable until it hit Summer time. Summer time with it’s scorching heat of 100 degree temperatures. Did I mention we have no air conditioning unit, well we do but it won’t fit in the windows ( they open sideways). From sun up to sun down, I’ve been nothing but hot and sweaty.

Nursing hasn’t been fun…I’m already hot and then another little body next to mine generates more undesired heat. My poor baby has been so sweaty too. I make sure to shower her off several times a day and to occasionally sponge her down as well.

Cooking, who wants to cook in this weather…let alone eat. It’s become the lightest foods we can get away with and plenty of liquids.

…there’s not going to be much sleep for the next few days.