Honest Baby Review


100_9654I’ll admit when I first learned I was pregnant with my daughter, I was overwhelmed. Many people gave me their advice in attempts to help me out in raising my child. They told me to do this, don’t do that, etc…If it wasn’t hard enough already the magazine, books, and pediatricians were telling me what to do too.  As a new mommy, I was flabbergasted and decided despite it all, to go with my own instinct.

And how has my mindset and way of parenting been going, you ask? It’s been going wonderful. Our little family of three has met a certain balance with our day to day routines and we couldn’t be happier. Sure, we have ups and downs, but that goes with the territory of having a family and hand in hand with parenting.

I wanted to let you know about a company founded by  mom Jill Besnoy whom was also bombarded with advice and frustrated by the myth of perfect parenting. On her site, Honestbaby this is recognized and celebrates the imperfect, sometimes hilarious, and very rewarding journey of parenthood.

I own the shirt “Working Mom’s Rock’ from Honest Baby.  It gives me satisfaction when my daughter wears it and it reminds why exactly I am working. I work hard to help support my family to help pay the bills and then buy my daughter all those things I probably shouldn’t. I’m sure every parents spoils their children in one way or another.

The shirts offered at honestbaby are a riot! I’m a big fan of their witty and sassy lines. Each tee is emblazoned on appliqued patches that are shaped like talk bubbles. Sayings include:
*i’ll walk when i’m good and ready
*don’t expect a lot, i’m big for my age
*colicky but cute
*i heard Einstein was a late talker
*10th percentile but still growing
*working moms rock!
*not sleeping through the night (my personal favorite!)

I love the fact that these shirts run in a variety of colors and are available in sizes 3 months to 6 years from $20-$32.

You can get free shipping on any order right now if you use the code FREESHIP at checkout.  Also if you buy a toy with a t-shirt, you get 20% off you whole order buy using the code TOY.