Guardian Angel Bracelet ID Review

main-graphic_01As a parent I know one of our worst fears is misplacing our children. Ever since my daughter has started walking, I’ve been holding back in letting her free roam in local areas. Most times when we are out, she’s either in her stroller, on my back in a carrier, or buckled into a child harness. I know my days are numbered when she’ll grow out of her stroller, carriers, and refusal of her harness. So, I’m glad their are products like Guardian Angel Bracelet ID out there that I can write my cell phone on and attach to my daughter’s wrist if she gets lost.

Mom Kimberly Martinez lost her son at the beach for almost 25 minutes. Thankfully, her son was found and returned safely to her. After that frightening experience, Kimberley designed the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID – a waterproof, durable bracelet that you can write your phone number on in case your child goes missing from your care.

I have not had an experience where my daughter has gone missing but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Kids are curious and in crowded areas keeping an eye on your children causing them to not wander can be hard, especially if you have more than one to keep up with.

These bands are similar to the ones my daughter is tagged with at church each weekend.  These fit perfectly and if adjusted properly, there’s no way these can slip off or be taken off without using scissors to remove them.

Buy it: You can purchase the Guardian Angel Family Pack which contains 10 bracelets for $9.95 at their website. Other larger size packs are also available for purchase.  These are great to have handy for grandparents, babysitters, or whoever else you leave your child in care with.

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product.