Good Cheer Company Review

Without you the puzzle is incomplete. 100_9958
Without you, without me — the whole of life is incomplete!

I’m all for good cheer being spread to everyone around the world and that’s why I am simply pleased in letting you know all about the The Good Cheer Company. This company specializes in Puzzle Piece Affirmative Jewelry. Each piece has a side says “I am” and the other has an affirmative word.  There are 41 different affirmations to choose from for people and pets!  Yes, they thought of your special four legged family member too!

I was sent one that reads “I am Possibilities“. It is now dangling from my key chain as a simple reminder and encouragement to me from day to day. I few of the others that are my favorites are I AM/ BLESSED, I AM/ CONNECTED ( Connected2Christ is my website, so of course I like this one!), and I AM/ GOD IS.

You can wear these as a necklace, bracelet, and even add them to a key chain/backpack. Though the possibilities really are endless! I couldn’t help thinking how great of a gift these would make for everyone, but I have back to school in mind. The following phrases would be great to gift to your children or grandchildren/nieces and nephews as they enter into the new school year: I AM/ IMPORTANT, I AM/ LOVED, andI AM/ UNIQUE.pettags

The Good Cheer Company also has a cd called Cheers to You. I listened to a few tracks and couldn’t help but smile!  This cd is filled with words of encouragement, praise, applause, and cheering.  Ellen has featured it on her show for than one time!  You can  listen to a sample of it by following that link.

This company is an encouragement to me in itself.  How thoughtful to have created unique gifts that remind people of who they really are. These pieces are extremely affordable at only $5.00-$6.00 a piece!

Thanks to ChicExecs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns and The Good Cheer Company for this opportunity.