Bugaloo Shoes Review

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I’m in love with all the styles of shoes for babies and infants carried by Bugaloo. Their soft sole leather baby shoes are an absolute favorite for this mom! My only regret with these shoes is the fact my daughter is growing so much and soon won’t be able to wear them anymore! But then again, I guess I can always have more kids.

It was totally a God thing when I came across this company! I was asking and seeking God for a way to help the International Justice Mission after I had learned all about all that they are doing to help others. One of their spokes people informed us about all that they do at church a few weeks ago. I am proud mom blogger, so I do on occassion browse lots of different sites specializing in children’s apparel, etc. I was overjoyed when I saw that this company gives back, donating 5% of each sale  to the International Justice Mission.

birds123G-1If you haven’t heard of  IJM before, you should know that they are  a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.

Bugaloo shoes was created by fellow graphic designer Heidi Wells. She created this great company with three goal in mind;

  1. To create Quality baby shoes that cost under $20. ( She’s done this with each pair at only $14.99)
  2. To design one a kind trendy and unique shoes. ( She’s a winner here as I have not seen any other designs like hers!)
  3. Giving back, to reconize the needs in others. ( Right on the money with helping out IJM)

I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of shoes of my choice from Bugaloo. Let me tell you, even though there’s not a huge selection, I spent quite sometime trying to decide on a pair for my daughter Melody. I did finally after an hour or so ( I know…lol) decided on the Bluebirds. These shoes are absolutely adorable on my daughter!bug2

These great little shoes are made of soft, flexible leather with cotton-lined soles and an elastic ankle band. They don’t look like they’d be able to handle the wear and tear of the outdoors but let me tell you, looks are deceiving! I have even posted a video below of my daughter running around in the gravel area of our local park.

I like that the bottom of her shoes are a dark brown color, so they always look clean! Yes, I’m one of those people who can’t even stand a spot on my t-shirt. I’m also a fan that the elastic is super tight in leaving uncomfortable marks on her ankles.

I like the fact that these shoes run from 0-6 months all the way up to the 18-24month size. I will getting my daughter another pair! The fact that they have not only gender specific shoes but also neutral designs is genius!  I think that’s a great idea for a baby shower gift if you don’t know the sex of the baby!

Since getting these, I’ve had several people comment on these shoes asking where I’ve gotten them! I happily let them know where, the price, and what they are doing to help those around them! I even talked to friend of my husbands on Sunday (Pikes) and he recognized these shoes right away when my daughter was wearing them! I believe he got a pair for his niece if I remember right. It’s a small world after all.

I encourage you to check out these great shoes for yourself at Bugaloo! Don’t forget to tell a friend! Oh I wanted to mention also that right now if you purchase 3 pair of shoes, shipping is free!