Body Systems- Wasabi Foot Scrub Review


Body Systems will be one of the companies I turn to when looking to hydrate and care for my skin year round. I’ve tried their cocoa butter before and was quite impressed with it and just recently I was able to review their Wasabi Mint Foot scrub.

Now, I was skeptical when I saw that Wasabi was one of the main ingredients! My only known relationship with the stuff is when it’s sitting on a platter in front of me and a fancy sushi restaurant. So, I had no idea how wasabi would be in a foot scrub off all things! Surprisingly, I fell in love with this foot scrub, I kid you not!foot scrub 300

The perfect blend of Wasabi, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus worked great together to sooth my feet. Another thing I want to mention is that I’ve never tried a a boby scrub that wasn’t to be washed off after use. This fact made the scrub another whole new experiance for me. While the foot scrub exfoliated the dead skin on my feet (  I know TYMI… but we all have it), it left my feet with a wonderful cooling sensation! Now even hours later, my feet feel soft, smooth and energized!

Others have claimed also that this paticular scrub brightens their nails & softens cuticles as well as makes your feet feel great. It’s also has been  said that this product has been used at the end of yoga classes to relax release of stress.

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