Big Girl Bed

She's taunting me!

Well, after much consideration my husband and I decided that it was time for our daughter Melody to make the transition to a toddler bed.  I know some people may think that 13 and 1/2 months is way too young to introduce a child to a Big Girl Bed but we believe in our hearts that this is the right choice.

For the past month Melody has been climbing on everything! The picture above of her pointing at me from across the room on top of our couch is the proof. She often climbs onto the couch attempt to get on the very top or she climbs onto our side tables and starts trying to dance and clap. (HELP!…lol)There is no stopping her, she’s not only climbing but she is extremely fast too! Whew! I am still wondering how mom’s with multiple babies do it! I honestly think she needs a helmet…do they sale those?

My mom told me “Welcome to the bumps, bruises, and cuts stage of life”. No joke though, my daughter has multiple bruise on her arms, knees, and bruise on her forehead, one above her eye, and a nice scrape on her head.

I am all for those child harnesses and leashes too…in fact I have one and I know it’s going to really come in handy! Did I mention my daughter is too smart for own good? She’s been trying to figure how those buckles on the stroller, highchair, and harness work. Thank God for my Ergo carrier. LOL

We haven’t received her toddler bed yet (ordered from Wal*Mart) but we went ahead and took her crib down ( Gah.. my baby girl is growing up sooo fast). We put her mattress on the floor up against the wall and for the past three nights she’s actually slept through the night on it! (Note: she usually wakes up 1-2 times at night). I don’t think this transition is going to be too hard, I’m crossing my fingers on this!  What’s next…potty training ( there’s weaning to but my kid hates MILK of all kinds..lucky me)! ..Yes, that’s going to take some work for sure. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on that… Right now she thinks her potty is a fun treasure chest were she can hide her toys…oh, and everything is a step stool now! I’ve been frantically TODDLER proofing the house… yes, after baby proofing comes TODDLER proofing… is there teenage proofing?…better hide those car keys.0008521404792_500X500