Awards I was gifted

I was given the two following awards from my friend Lindsey over at Kindred Spirit’s Thoughts! Thank you!

Once you receive this award, you have to share 7 Awe-Summm things about yourself and then pass it on to 7 others.   So, here goes…7 Awe-Summm things about me…probably more than you ever wanted to know.

  1. I’m a self taught free lance Graphic Designer – I do work here and there and am also a big part of Christian Shirts and Virtuous Planet ( top of the line christian t-shirt companies)!
  2. I’m wonderful with children – I know how to play with kids and be on their levels no matter what personality the child has. I always find a certain way to connect. ( My mom often wishes her other daughters were as a good of a helper/baby sitters as me…lol)
  3. I’m adventurous – I’m willing to get up and go at the drop of the pin. I love exploring new places and learning new things.
  4. I’m pretty good at reviewing products– I’ve only started reviewing products since February and have written over 150 reviews.
  5. I worship the most wonderful God–  Words can’t express my feelings for my abba. ( this one is at the top of the list btw)
  6. I’m a great video gamer! – That’s right from the nintendo, sega, 3do, playstations, and more look out! If you challenge me, you’ll be up a challenge.
  7. I’ve got a wonderful family!(Wow, what girl God has created?… I decided to do no more than 7 because rules are rules…lol…like I didn’t list all the crafts I am good at and my cooking and my…jk!)momoftheyearawardThis is what you do to accept the award: Remind yourself you are a good mom and list seven things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you. These are the things to remind yourself everyday that you Rock!

    1. I love that my daughter Melody is so independent and incredibly sweet.

    2. Although Melody is getting into everything (climbing…early walker), she shows that she loves adventure like her mommy!

    3. I love how Melody helps with the daily chores already! She loves to help me unload the dishwasher!

    4. I love that my daughter is so flexible. We could be out till 11pm with her and she’s perfectly fine and doesn’t melt down if she’s tired.

    5. I love my daughter’s interests in reading and books. She recognizes lots of pictures now and says the word to go along. 🙂 ( can’t wait to introduce crayons!)

    6. I like how when I am having a bad day, her smile cheers me back up.

    7. I love how she inspires me to do what I do best 🙂

    Okay time to nominate some other mommies out there!

    I have to nominate my own mom @gahome2mom
    My good friend @finamoon
    My mother in law @beckylowmaster
    My oldest sister