Day: July 6, 2009

My Fourth of July

It was nice to be able to sleep fourth of July morning! We slept until around 9am had bacon and eggs for breakfast and ventured out for a mustard and ketchup bottle. We never did find bottles for our ketchup and mustard which is a drag since we buy our ketchup and mustard in bulk at Costco. It’s not ideal for me to throw the giant jugs on the dining table! You’d be surprised that Target and the local grocery stores didn’t carry any. OH well! 100_9928

I did happen to pick up some incredibly cute red, white, and blue napkins and plates that had robots on them. You can guess that my husband was pretty pleased with my choice. As much as I like being traditional, I like kooky and fun twist on things and that is why we got them to use on the 4th! I was really meaning to take a picture of the 4th of July spread but totally forgot and by the time I realized it, everything had been eaten. Oops! lolea-sports-activeSo while we were out, I decided that EA Sport Active was an incredibly beneficial purchase to both my husband and I and purchased it for $50.00 at Frys.  I tried it a week ago, and I bought it on that and reading reviews from others that had tried it out. Am I feeling the burn? You betcha! But do I want more? Yes! I love how it’s set up and I like that we can customize our own workouts! My husband I were on so much of a buzz over it, that fourth of July evening we went on a hour walk plus our 30 min workouts! Are we sore? Yes.  But it’s all for getting in shape and staying there!

My in-laws came over on the 4th. We grilled out hot dogs and they brought delicious potato salad, chips, soda, and some very yummy Silvan blackberries. I’d never had those type of berries before but I must say they were very good! My husband played the wii with his dad while my mother in law and I chatted while playing with Melody. We didn’t do too much because it was pretty hot in the apartment. Megan, my sister in law didn’t stay very long because she was heading out to see a fire works show with her friend ( hence that we didnt’ get any photos of her).

Well, after family left, my husband and I went on a walk and returned home around 9pm. We watched the encore presentation of the Capitol 4th and then headed to bed. Suprisingly Melody stayed up and watched the whole show with us. LOL… She really enjoyed the music.

How was your 4th of July?

Kernel Seasonings: No More Naked Popcorn Review and Giveaway

My entire household loves popcorn! Popcorn brings such fond memories from my childhood. I remember as a child, munching down on delicious popcorn when my family had our much loved movie nights! I also recall during the holidays when my dad brought home several different popcorn tins filled with flavors of caramel, cheese, and buttered popcorn. Still, nothing beats the taste and flavor of fresh popped kernels.popcorn

Despite the fact that popcorn is yummy, it’s a healthy natural snack alternative to lots of sugary and greasy snacks available.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve a mindset to only offering my family healthy snacks that are good for their bodies.

When Kernel Seasonings considered me in reviewing their popcorn products, I was thrilled. With that said, I was sent all 14 of their fabulous tasting seasonings, a popcorn pouch, popcorn spritzer, and a 10 oz. Movie Theater Butter Popping and Topping Oil.

I was so excited about doing this review, that I even went out and bought my very own popcorn popper! Keep in mind that I’ve been wanting one for some time now. Note that you can use your microwave, a pot on the stove, or a popcorn popper to get your corn popping.

What I love so much about  raw popcorn is that I can dress it up to my liking. I’ve had some popcorn in the past that was flavored with way too much butter, seasonings, and salt.  Kernel Seasonings claims that their popcorn is nearly completely hull-less and they haven’t disappointed on this statement! I have not found myself picking at my teeth since eating their popcorn!

I have not tried out at all the flavors they’ve sent me but they ones I have tried are very good! Being the chocolate lover that I am, I tried the chocolate marshmallow flavor first! It wasn’t over powering at all and had a nice light taste! I then tried out the regular butter flavor, along with the ranch, and jalapeno. I wanted to mention that their seasonings not only taste good on popcorn but on other things too. I’ve used their seasonings on potatoes, eggs, veggies, fish, and chicken! I wanted to mention that Kernel Seasonings offers a recipe book with each order!

The Popcorn Butter Spritzer is a great alternative to dumping melted butter onto my popcorn. In using the spritz technique, my popcorn has not been soggy or too damp. I simply spritz my freshly popped popcorn and then sprinkle on whichever seasonings I so choose.  It’s also 100% natural with no fat and zero calories!

Overall thoughts:

  • Kernel Seasonings offers wonderful flavors, great tasting popcorn, spritzer is a good alternative to butter!
  • The seasonings, spritzer, and raw popcorn are reasonably priced at just $3.99 each (Right now if you buy 4 seasonings, you get the 5th free!)
  • Popcorn is healthy and all natural alternative to other snacks !

I highly recommend all Kernel Seasoning products! Check them out for yourself at:


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