Day: July 5, 2009


A hands-on museum that inspires wonder in people of all ages!

My husband had a three day weekend,thanks to the birthday of our country. We took advantage by doing some local things. We had hoped to venture to the Oregon Coast but our car battery died earlier this week and the money just wasn’t in the budget to take that trip.

We visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Friday morning. We had fun exploring the various exhibits, especially the CSI Experience that’s running till mid September!  It’s pretty neat to have a sort of hands on idea of what steps it takes to solve several different crime scene situations.

They have a Science playground  area for young children and we let Melody explore around there. She had a lot of fun wandering about. I think it’s great they have an area for children six years old and younger. It was a pretty neat area that had a sand and water area, puppets, and more for wandering little minds to discover.

I can finally say that I’ve experienced the IMAX! Basically the IMAX is a giant domed screen, with surround sound! When I say giant, I mean it! It measures in at a five-story domed screen covering 6,532 sq. ft. of projection surface! The  2D IMAX projection system  uses the largest frame in the motion picture industry. Each frame is ten times the size of standard 35mm film! It was pretty awesome being surrounded by such cinematic action!

We saw the Wild Ocean documentary that explores the interplay between man and our endangered ocean ecosystem. The film highlights one of nature’s greatest migration spectacles, plunging viewers into an underwater feeding frenzy, an epic struggle for survival where whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, gannets and millions of fish collide with the most voracious sea predator, mankind.

Filmed off the Wild Coast of South Africa and set to the rhythm of the local people, Wild Ocean reveals the economic and cultural impact of the ocean while celebrating the communal efforts to protect our invaluable marine resources. Wild Ocean is a timely and uplifting film that celebrates the life in our oceans, the animals that now depend on us to survive. It is a film about the people that come together to protect our world. Hope is alive on the Wild Coast, where Africa meets the sea.

The movie wasn’t quite what I expected but I really enjoyed it! The IMAX expericance was awesome and hope to go back soon to see thir other featured movie Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure. Melody quite enjoyed it too!