Daddy & Melody in the Hot tub

I did write a post yesterday on how I’ve been sick and trying to get better. It is no longer here because I had quite the scare. I tried to update my blog to WordPress version 2.8 and then I was having problems posting so long story short, my entire blog vanished. Yes, it was gone! Talk about traumatic! Must be kinks in the update…anyone else having problems?

I didnt’ freak out over the whole situation. Instead I went and talked with Blue Host customer support and they restored my whole site from a day ago. I was so relieved! Did I mention how much I love Blue Host? Well, I do, they have great customer support and supply all my web hosting needs.

Okay, I mentioned I’ve been sick. I have no diagnosis though I went to the Doctor.I seem to be getting better but am incredibly fatigued. The ulcers in my mouth have been making it hard to eat. Yes, Ulcers… ugh! I am a very clean person… and have no idea how I could’ve gotten on the wrong side of the fence healthwise. I love my husband so much and happened to share this with him too. He’s proof that woman have a higher pain tolerance lol. Yes, we’ve both been in a huge amount of pain. I hope this doesn’t last much longer.

I’ve been put in my place to slow down a bit with everything. So less requesting of PR, less book reviewing, and more time with my family and designing graphics is to come.

The pictures were taken a few days ago. Melody loves the hot tub. Don’t worry it wasn’t hot at all, I would’nt have let her get in if it was. She has warmer baths than the hot tub was.  Melody had a blast giggling and laughing and she kicked and splashed around.

Yes, we pamper our Daughter.