Swag Studio: Blog Love {Ezra}

Swag Studio: Blog Love {Ezra}.

When Amy of Swag Studio and Erin of Pour Some Sugar on Me found out about about a fellow blogger in need they jumped into action.
Ezra whom just turned 2 was just diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia.He is the son of Beth from Manic Mother and their world, understandably so, has just been turned upside down! You should read her post all about how Ezra went from a leg limp to leukemia all in a few short days. He just recently celebrated his birthday with a round of chemo. Right now Beth needs all the help she can get.

There are a few ways you can help. There is a “donate” button directly on Beth’s site. You can also purchase a Blog Love Bracelet for $5 from Swag Studio. All of the bracelets go directly to Beth. If you are interested please leave a comment on Amy’s Blog Love post so that she has an idea of how many to order.

Please Help Spread the Word! I’ve donated and hope you all will too.