Presents for Purpose Review


As much as I love receiving gifts myself, I love being able to give to others much more. I happened across “Presents For Purpose” a few weeks ago and without a doubt, this store will be one I go to first when searching for the perfect gift.

So, what makes this company so special among others in my eyes? It’s the fact that 25% of the proceeds from whatever you purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice. Let me tell, there are many to choose from.

About Presents for Purpose:

Alayna Kassan and Cynthia W. Dressel met in 1999, after each had successfully fought Hodgkins Disease, a form of Lymphoma Cancer. Both women became active volunteers in conventional fundraising and advocacy settings, anxious to give back to the community that helped them in their time of need.

In time, they began developing unique ways for friends and family to continue to support the cause. In 2002, they designed their first retail collection, and the line of trendy crystal watches quickly sold out. $20,000 of profits was donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation and Presents For Purpose was born.

candleIn 2005, internet marketing professional Leslie B. Weissman joined the Presents For Purpose team. Inspired by her childhood friend’s two time struggle with breast cancer, Leslie shares the team’s enthusiasm to make

a difference.

Today, Presents For Purpose works with dozens of wonderful charities that help people live healthier, happier and safer lives, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and invaluable awareness for their work. At Presents For Purpose, everyone has the opportunity to shop in style and make a difference!

My Overall Thoughts:

I was sent a Red Leather bookmark to review from their site. This bookmark is decently priced for the high quality that it is. It has where I can slip a picture in the top of my husband and daughter which will make this gift all the more special.  I also love the fact this bookmark will last me probably a lifetime!

Presents For Purpose specializes in stylish and meaningful apparel, jewelry, accessories and gifts that give back.  Whether shopping for yourself, or for a gift, your purchases pull double duty by putting a smile on the face of someone you know— and also on someone that you don’t!

Buy it: Products range from $8 to $170 with most products coming in under $75.